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Mega Millions jackpot increases to $10 million (GEORGIA) -- One ticket sold in Mount Prospect, Ill., won Friday's multistate Mega Millions lottery jackpot worth $37 million, lottery officials said.

Indian Heritage Preserved in Seminole Indian Scout Cemetery (TEXAS) -- Grass is scarce and white chips of limestone cover the plots where black Seminole Indian scouts and their descendants are buried 120 miles west of San Antonio, near Brackettville.

How to spend loot? Let her count the ways 'I'd be happy with a million' (GEORGIA) -- By the end of an hourlong session, the air in the conference room where Big Game winner Erika Greene met with Georgia Lottery Corp. officials Wednesday morning had taken on the bluish hue of a pool hall.

It's Still Growing: Big Game Jackpot Revised to $325 Million (GEORGIA) -- Today may be tax day, but millions of Big Game players are thinking about a different set of numbers: which numbers will come up in tomorrow night's Big Game drawing.

Lottery Jackpot Swells to $300 Million (GEORGIA) -- No one hit the $220 million jackpot in Friday's multistate Big Game lottery drawing, which means Tuesday's rollover prize will be worth an estimated $300 million, one of the biggest purses in U.S. lottery history, officials said on Saturday.

New lottery game promises huge payoffs -- but slimmer odds of winning (GEORGIA) -- Just as the Big Game jackpot climbed to $200 million for Friday night's drawing, Georgia Lottery Corp. officials today announced a new game expected to generate jackpots as high as a half-billion dollars. 

Lawmakers, religious groups teaming up to ban video poker in Bible Belt (GEORGIA) -- In one of the fiercest battles to erupt in the South since the conflict over the continued use of the Confederate flag, lawmakers and religious groups have teamed up to ban video poker machines in the Bible Belt and eliminate a popular pastime that has been labeled the crack cocaine of gambling.


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