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First American Indian astronaut brings message of hope to powwow (MONTANA) -- John Herrington once thought he'd be happy climbing rocks as a road surveyor for $4 an hour and skiing on the weekends.

First American Indian in space to speak at MSU (MONTANA) -- The first American Indian to have flown in space is scheduled to speak at Montana State University Friday.

Gambling bill craps out on House floor (MONTANA) -- The vision of developing a $1.8 billion Butte gambling and entertainment mecca to create thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue was defeated soundly on the House floor Tuesday.

Proponents of gambling bill turn out in full force (MONTANA) -- Butte residents turned out in force Thursday to support a bill that developers said is crucial in creating a $1.8 billion entertainment zone in Butte featuring 10 casinos with wide-open gambling, at least 20 music halls, thousands of hotel rooms and other facilities.

Tribes offered deal to support Butte proposal (MONTANA) -- Developers proposing a wide-open gambling zone in Butte have offered representatives of five of the state's seven Indian reservations a deal to run a casino there jointly in exchange for forfeiting their rights to expand gambling on their reservations.

Butte entertainment district could trigger expanded gambling opportunities for tribes (MONTANA) -- If the state legalizes wide-open gambling in a special entertainment district in Butte, five American Indian tribes in Montana under federal law could seek automatic approval to expand gambling on their reservations to match it, a state Justice Department attorney has said.

Gambling plan gains steam (MONTANA) -- Butte-Silver Bow Chief Executive Judy Jacobson on Thursday threw her support for Destination: Montana, the proposed $1.8 billion project that melds gambling, enter tainment and recreation in Butte.

Tribe's Members Take Proposed Membership Election to Court (MONTANA) -- Opponents of a Jan. 18 election to decide rules for membership in the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes have taken the issue to court.

Nez Perce site dedicated (MONTANA) -- Under a hot sun Saturday, unlike the weather 125 years ago, ground was blessed and broken to commemorate the site of a skirmish between the Nez Perce bands fleeing to Canada and the forces of the U.S. Army.

Billings ticket wins $60,000 in lottery (MONTANA) -- A winning Montana Cash ticket is worth about $60,000 and was purchased at a Texaco station in Billings on North 24th St.

McCaleb boosts Indian roads program Infrastructure improvement on its way (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Federal efforts to improve reservation roads are moving forward, said Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Neal McCaleb.

Mormon land buy advances (MONTANA) -- A House committee approved a plan to sell The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints an area in the Wyoming highlands where nearly 150 Mormons died during a blizzard in 1856, after scaling back the proposal at the insistence of opponents.

Rocket Bingo: Blackfeet Tribe sees new high-paying game as economic godsend Nationwide hookup avoids compact with state, payout limits (MONTANA) -- Lacking an agreement with the state for video keno and poker machines, the Blackfeet Tribe for years has missed out on Montana's multi-million-dollar gaming industry.

Blackfeet plan luxury resort near St. Mary Sixty-two-room lake lodge would tap park tourism draw (MONTANA) -- The Blackfeet Tribe wants to build a multimillion-dollar luxury resort on the eastern shore of Lower St. Mary Lake about four miles from the entrance to Glacier National Park.

52% of Indian students fail to graduate, lawmaker says (MONTANA) -- Forty-two of every 1,000 Montana high school students, and five of every 1,000 junior high students, dropped out of school during the 2000-2001 school year, a new report from the Office of Public Instruction says.

Northern Cheyenne: Sundance is Covenant, language vital Northern Cheyenne lead efforts to protect ceremonies, as non-Indians prepare to lead Sundances this summer (MONTANA) -- Northern Cheyenne, concerned over the exploitation of the Sundance and Sweat Lodge, urged other Indian Nations to defend their Covenant with the Creator and preserve their languages and ceremonies.

Archaeologists to dig for wall at Kearny fort (MONTANA) -- Fort Phil Kearny, one of the most dangerous military posts on the edge of the frontier between 1866 and 1868, will offer opportunities this summer for students, amateurs and professionals to participate in two archaeological projects.

American Indian astronaut aspires to launch a few dreams (MONTANA) -- Navy Cmdr. John Herrington has hunted Russian submarines, broken the sound barrier and will soon be the first American Indian in space.

Guest Editorial: Discrimination won’t end until Indians say, ‘enough’ (MONTANA) -- Comments made by three legislators during a Jan. 9 meeting of the State Tribal Relations Committee helped illustrate the very problems that committee is supposed to address.

Montana Reservation takes economy into its own hands (MONTANA) -- Tired of poverty and high unemployment, residents of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation are taking control of their economic future.

Embezzlement convict bets probabion revoked again (MONTANA) -- A Billings man who received a probationary sentence four years ago for conspiring to embezzle money from the Crow Tribe’s Little Bighorn Casino racked up his second revocation Thursday and his second prison term.

VFW, Legion struggle to maintain membership In the early 1950s, Butte's American Legion had close to 3,000 members. Today it has 300.

Native Americans Get in the Spirit of Political Empowerment Elections: Tribes nationwide are launching get-out-the-vote drives, seeking to raise their voice over environmental and other issues affecting them. (MONTANA) -- Here in Montana, the Great Spirit has always helped those who help themselves. So when Pat Pierre recently offered up a prayer to elect Democrat Mark O'Keefe governor, he made sure there was a voter registration booth close by.

Widening the Web: A groundbreaking Internet project is connecting far-removed American Indians to the rest of the cyber world (THE INTERNET) -- The reach of the Internet has now made it to the floor of the Grand Canyon and several other remote places on American Indian reservations in the Southwest.

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