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Ohio Senate Could Vote on Racetrack VLT Proposal (OHIO) -- The Ohio Senate is expected to vote by June 13 on a resolution to put the issue of video lottery terminals at racetracks on the November ballot. Meanwhile, opposition to the proposal picked up with ads on cable television in selected areas of the state.

hio gambling expansion stays alive (OHIO) -- Gov. Bob Taft, who opposes casino gambling in Ohio, keeps giving the Legislature reasons to ask voters to put electronic slot machines at racetracks, Senate President Doug White says.

McCloskey renews call for casino gambling (OHIO) -- Toledo city Councilman Bob McCloskey yesterday renewed his effort to start a popular tide of support for legalized casino gambling in Ohio.

Monroe County 1 of 3 areas with a shot to land tribal casino (OHIO) -- Monroe County Commissioners may open their arms tonight to a Native American casino, hotel, and convention center somewhere in the southern portion of the county.

Tribe's gaming plan faces complex federal requirements (OHIO) -- An American Indian tribe that wants to establish a $550 million bingo hall and gaming complex in the western Ohio village of Botkins would have to meet complicated federal requirements if the plan is to succeed.

Budget woes could pave way for casino (OHIO) -- Efforts to plant an Indian casino in Ohio may be intensifying because of the state’s vast untapped gambling market coupled with its budget problems.

Racetracks, foes lining up lobbyists (OHIO) -- Political and economic pressure is mounting to expand legal gambling in Ohio, and if proponents are successful on any one front, the push for more gambling will only become more forceful, observers say.

Town eyes Indian casino (OHIO) -- The Village Council voted to buy 82 acres of land for a possible Indian casino although council members do not know how they'll pay for it, and the property owner has threatened to sue the village.

'Giving Ohio Back to the Indians?' asks Ohio Roundtable (OHIO) --"...By seeking to stretch the clear meaning of the Ohio Constitution and legalize the MegaMillions game the Governor opened the door for an onslaught of expanded gambling proposals. Now Ohio is facing the serious possibility of full-blown tribal casinos across Ohio," stated David Zanotti, President of the Ohio Roundtable.

Shawnee Indian Tribe sells shares for venture (OHIO) -- A band of the Shawnee Indian Tribe based in Oklahoma is behind the proposal to build a $550 million gaming operation near Botkins, according to Botkins contractor and casino supporter Tom Schnippel.

Shawnee spokesman: Casino establishment won’t be easy (OHIO) -- As Botkins’ residents “do their homework” on a planned Native American casino development, a tribe indigenous to Ohio says bringing gaming to the Buckeye State will involve a long process.

Residents want the specifics on proposed casino (OHIO) -- Not only did Tuesday night's Botkins Village Council meeting draw concerned citizens, it drew a concerned member of the Cherokee tribe as well.

Anti-casino advocates make case to council (OHIO) -- A village council-sponsored forum on Native American gaming is being pursued to rally the developer and opposition groups together in an “unstructured” setting aside from council meetings, the Botkins Village Council president says.

Clermont hears casino hints Indian tribe may be looking for Ohio sites (OHIO) -- An out-of-state American Indian tribe with ancestral ties to Ohio has big plans for casino-style gambling in this state - plans that could eventually lead them to Clermont County.

Rumors of casino drawing mixed reactions (OHIO) -- Rumors that an American Indian tribe may be looking at more than one Ohio location as sites for casinos are drawing mixed reactions in one southwest Ohio county.

Expert: Botkins must be of ‘one mind’ on casino (OHIO) -- The Botkins community was asked to be of “one mind” as an informative presentation detailed what Botkins can expect from a Native American casino complex.

The States Take the Bet (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Maryland Gov.-elect Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., who wants to legalize slot machines at racetracks to help close the state's projected $1.2 billion deficit, isn't the only governor or legislator willing to turn to gambling -- again.

Horse racing in decline, chief says Northfield Park official tells Stark crowd Internet gambling, competition in other states putting squeeze on Ohio tracks (OHIO) -- The Ohio horse-racing industry is in ``managed decline'' because of Internet gambling and strong competition from other states, a Northfield Park official told the Pro Football Hall of Fame Luncheon Club on Monday.

Casino rumors have west-central Ohio town abuzz (OHIO) -- Rumors that an Indian tribe may be building a casino in the west-central Ohio village of Botkins have caused intense interest among many of its 13-hundred residents.

Video gaming may depend on favors for Democrats Deals empower minority, but are risky (OHIO) -- To get video gambling machines at Ohio racetracks next year, the Republican-controlled Legislature probably would have to court Democrats to override an expected veto by Gov. Bob Taft.

Racetrack Gaming May Hinge on Votes in Some States (USA) -- Elections in six states Nov. 5 may determine, or at least play a role, in the future of alternative gaming at racetracks.

Hagan: Gambling deal in wings for Ohio Taft says he would veto bill on betting (OHIO) -- Regardless of who wins the governor's race on Tuesday, Democratic candidate Tim Hagan is confident the state will have more gambling next year.

Judge: Multistate lottery does not violate Ohio Constitution (OHIO) -- The state's decision to join a multistate lottery does not violate the Ohio Constitution, according to a judge's ruling Monday that upheld the action but overruled an attempt to use the game's profits for purposes other than education.

Ohio reaps profit from vices State ranks above average in lottery, liquor sales. It's below average in overall tax revenue (OHIO) -- Ohio's government collects less in taxes and fees than most states and has an affinity for gambling, drinking and cigarettes, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.

State pulling travel brochures that promote Indiana casinos (OHIO) -- The state said Monday it is pulling travel brochures from Ohio rest stops that promote casino gambling in Indiana.

Mega excited New game in town has fans thrilled. (OHIO) -- Mark Ashmoor, assistant manager at the True North gas station on Euclid Avenue in Willoughby, looks forward to selling tickets for the Ohio Lottery's newest game.

Stumbo offers gambling plan Proposal: Give racetracks rights to slots (OHIO) -- The specifics of a closely watched legalized gambling bill are taking shape. House Majority Leader Greg Stumbo is floating the idea of giving racetracks an exclusive right to operate video slot machines and letting them compete for full-scale casino licenses.

Argosy's popularity not waning (OHIO) -- Propelled by more than 100,000 admissions over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend, Argosy Casino had plenty of reasons to be thankful -- 29.4 million reasons, each with dollar signs attached -- as it continued its run as the world's most popular riverboat last month.

Letters to The Gleaner: State already has too much gambling (OHIO) -- Editor: Last week, Lt. Gov. Steve Henry sent out a trial balloon to see if the people of our Commonwealth would allow gaming in Ohio River counties to combat tourism losses to riverboat casinos in Indiana and Illinois


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