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Governor signs lottery bills into law (TENNESSEE) -- Tennesseans are now just months away from playing the lottery without having to leave the state

Legislature OKs lottery (TENNESSEE) -- The 103rd General Assembly voted overwhelmingly Thursday to create a legal lottery in Tennessee for the first time since 1833, then adjourned its 2003 session.

Lawmakers lament stalled lottery bills (TENNESSEE) -- Lottery legislation has entered a committee quagmire that on Tuesday prompted sponsors to warn of voter outrage if foot-dragging kills their bills.

Panel split on division of lottery grants (NASHVILLE) -- The Education Lottery Task Force deadlocked Thursday on a plan to give equal lottery-funded scholarships to public and private university students and lift a $100,000 limit on recipients' annual family income.

Officials hope to use lottery funds for preschool programs (NASHVILLE) -- Most of the money raised by a proposed state lottery would pay for college scholarships, but officials studying how best to direct the funds also want to use some for preschool programs.

Lottery for charities merits caution (TENNESSEE) -- The race is on to put charities back in the gambling business, which is warning enough for the Tennessee General Assembly to take care.

State Lawmakers Approaching Lottery With Caution (TENNESSEE) -- State lawmakers heard words of caution Tuesday as they began crafting a Tennessee lottery.

Editorial 11/11: Decisions loom on the lottery (TENNESSEE) -- TENNESSEE VOTERS have given the General Assembly a mandate to move deliberately toward creation of a state lottery when it convenes in January. How lawmakers execute that mandate will prove as important as the lottery vote itself.

Voters take a gamble on lottery: (TENNESSEE)-- The Tennessee electorate turned aside any worries it might have harbored about the morality of gambling Tuesday to send Tennessee into the lottery business.

No sure bets on lottery outcome Constitutional amendment at stake (TENNESSEE) -- If the political experts are right, the referendum to amend the Tennessee Constitution to allow the state's first lottery is going down to the wire.

Odds may be turning against lottery Nov. 5, latest poll shows (TENNESSEE) -- A new poll suggests supporters of a state lottery face a tougher battle than they might have expected.

Prop. 301 saves the lottery If it is defeated, state gaming will end July 1. Foes say the government should not be in the position of promoting a vice - gambling - that hurts families. (ARIZONA) -- Undeterred by past losses at the table of public opinion, foes of the Arizona Lottery are betting against the odds that a skeptical public will buy their arguments against state-sponsored gambling.

Tennesseans press pros, cons of lottery (TENNESSEE) -- Tennessee voters will decide Nov. 5 whether to allow a state lottery that would fund college scholarships, with any leftover money going to K-12 building projects and pre-kindergarten education programs.

Proposed lottery's effect on Tennessee budget debated (TENNESSEE) -- Lottery supporters and opponents clashed Monday over the proposal's possible effects on Tennessee's strapped state budget.

Opponents: Lottery could spell financial ruin for Tennessee (TENNESSEE) -- A vote in favor of a state lottery could spell financial disaster for Tennessee, which already is teetering on the brink of economic ruin, a Florida economist told a handful of the game's opponents at a campaign stop here Monday morning.

Tennessee Weighs Money, Morality in Lottery Vote (TENNESSEE) -- Tennessee voters may decide the fate of state gambling in November, choosing whether to give lawmakers access to a new revenue stream by lifting a constitutional ban on lotteries.

Letters 10/04: Lottery referendum is about giving us a choice (TENNESSEE) -- Unlike taxes, the lottery referendum on the Nov. 5 ballot is simply about giving Tennesseans a choice.

Polls Say Tennessee Will OK Lottery (TENNESSEE) -- Poll after poll brings bad news for the cause, but the Rev. Don McCulley isn't ready to surrender.

Forum will examine possibility of lottery (TENNESSEE) -- A forum to discuss the possibility of a lottery in Tennessee will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 8, in Goins Auditorium on the campus of Pellissippi State Technical Community College, Hardin Valley Road in Knox County.

Churches' lottery battle off to slow start 'A lot of apathy' about Nov. 5 vote (TENNESSEE) -- The ecumenical push to defeat a state lottery has gotten off to a sputtering start, though some church leaders predict a rally before the November referendum.

Tennesseans back lottery referendum by 2-1 margin (TENNESSEE) -- Tennesseans continue to support a proposed lottery referendum by a 2-to-1 margin, according to a poll released Monday.

States bet on gambling to fill their budget gaps (CALIFORNIA) -- Faced with the twin dilemmas of gaping budget deficits and tax-wary voters, legislative shepherds across the country are taking a long look at another way of shearing revenue from their constituents: gambling.

Lottery seems as popular in church circles as witches in Salem (TENNESSEE) -- Thou shalt not gamble. It's not one of the Ten Commandments, although maybe it should be.

Poll: Lottery, church, guns get OK (TENNESSEE) -- Most Tennesseans favor a lottery, attend worship services regularly and have a gun, according to the Tennessee Poll.

Baptists mobilize against lottery (TENNESSEE) -- A minister asked God to "move the hearts of the people" against a proposed state lottery as Tennessee Baptists gathered Wednesday to send off two trucks filled with 3.2 million anti-lottery leaflets.

Tennessee lottery foes ready for referendum (TENNESSEE) -- Opponents of a lottery in Tennessee hope to raise at least $1.5 million in a campaign that, if successful, would keep the state among only three in the nation without any form of legalized gambling.

McCaleb boosts Indian roads program Infrastructure improvement on its way (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Federal efforts to improve reservation roads are moving forward, said Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Neal McCaleb.

The Fool School: Lottery madness (TENNESSEE) -- If you think lotteries are harmless fun, then learn these facts, some of which are from the Gambling Free Tennessee Alliance:

Groups team up in anti-lottery effort (TENNESSEE) -- Muslims and Buddhists are joining Southern Baptists and other Christians in a campaign to persuade Tennessee voters to reject a state lottery.

Casinos see title fight as big payday (TENNESSEE) -- Although Mississippi law prevents them from taking bets on the June 8 bout between Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson, Tunica casinos will rake in their biggest bonanza ever by luring what will likely be a nine-figure, two-week preamble to the fight.

Anti-lottery strategy tars Sen. Cohen, leak reveals He calls group's media, tape plan a 'dirty trick' (TENNESSEE) -- The game plan for the $1.5 million campaign to defeat the state lottery focuses on "corruption" and "distrust of politicians," singling out Sen. Steve Cohen (D-Memphis) as the symbol of the politician not to be trusted.

Gallatin-based coalition aims to mobilize anti-lottery voters (TENNESSEE) -- A new organization has formed here to try to vote down a state lottery in November's planned referendum.


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