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Gambling bills win in committee (WYOMING) -- Three bills that would expand the scope of lawful gambling in the state received favorable recommendations from a legislative panel Thursday.

Mediator sides with Arapaho on gambling (WYOMING) -- A federal mediator on Tuesday ordered Wyoming to allow slot machines and other high-stakes casino gambling on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Mediator orders new talks on Arapaho gambling (WYOMING) -- A federal mediator has ordered the state of Wyoming and the Northern Arapaho Tribe to reopen negotiations on a gambling compact

Mormon land buy advances (MONTANA) -- A House committee approved a plan to sell The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints an area in the Wyoming highlands where nearly 150 Mormons died during a blizzard in 1856, after scaling back the proposal at the insistence of opponents.

Indian tribes watching sale of public land to Mormons (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Indians who have been lobbying the government for greater protection of their sacred sites on public land are watching a House bill that would order the sale of 1,640 acres in Wyoming to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Mediator sought in dispute (WYOMING) -- A court-imposed deadline for the state and Northern Arapaho Tribe to resolve their differences over gambling on the Wind River Indian Reservation passed Monday without an agreement.

WYOMING: Mediator to decide on reservation gambling compact (WYOMING) -- A federal mediator will decide what types of gambling will be allowed on the Wind River Indian Reservation, a judge ruled Wednesday.

UW establishes Indian dorm floor (WYOMING) -- The University of Wyoming will establish a dormitory floor this fall for students interested in American Indian culture, officials announced Monday.

Head Start awards $1.3 million grant to reservation (WYOMING) -- Head Start has awarded a $1.3 million grant to the tribes of the Wind River Indian Reservation, U.S. Sen. Craig Thomas, R-Wyo., announced Wednesday.

Indian tribe asks legislature to step into gaming debate (WYOMING) -- The chairman of the Northern Arapaho Indian Tribe pleaded with state legislators Wednesday to help convince Gov. Jim Geringer to act on the tribe's petition to permit more gambling on the reservation.

The beaten path Are groomed trails contributing to bison problem at Yellowstone? (WYOMING) -- On a groomed snowy trail in the middle of winter, men on snowmobiles pass almost within arm's reach of a herd of swaggering bison. The beasts do not so much as flinch when the noisy machines slowly pass.

Tribes getting more in oil and gas royalties (WYOMING) (AP) - Higher prices for oil and natural gas have boosted monthly payments to Shoshone and Arapaho tribal members from royalties and taxes for use of their land, government officials said.

Wind River tribes to create environmental protection agency
(WYOMING) (AP) -- The Wind River Indian Reservation will soon have its own version of the Environmental Protection Agency


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